Sarusian Outback

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Noteworthy People

  • Nadir Sahib The Savor
  • Amira Shirazi
  • Galbatorix
  • Location/Landscape

    Southernmost continent in the east. It is divided into two halves by a mountain region known only as the dream Hills. To the east lies the Serusian outback to the west the dreaming Jungles. To the west of the main island is the capital “New Azlant”.


    The Serusian Outback’s government is comprised completely of adventurers and dragons. The capital is called New Azlant an oasis for strong adventurers. The outback as it is known by its inhabitants is the only haven for dragons. Though many adventurers have tested their strength against the many dragons of the outback killing and destroying them. Gaining wealth and prestige selling Dragon items. Through all the prosperity and gain ultimately the greedy adventurers taught the proud dragons to hate the humanoid races. When I savor came for both races. His name now lost to time, he brought the two races together he proposed that dragons would give seven eggs to the humanoids representing the seven Dragon races. Trusted with the eggs the humanoid in turn give their trust in the dragons infinite wisdom as they would choose riders to represent a bridge between the two races. Essentially making a new pairing a new “race” stronger than both but charged to be better than either.


    The economy is sustained by all other nations who pay an allowance to the nation, preferring more to maintain the balance than disrupt it. Leaving Serusia to its own whims than to see conquest. High level adventurers and elder dragons alike are a threat to the stability to all governments

    Alliances/At War

    The Sarusian Outback holds no alliances and is not at war with any nation


    Primarily a adventurer haven, there is no set societal view. many preferring instead to be free. Though a basic law is in place an eye for an eye.

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    Sarusian Outback

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