Phoenix Organization Structure and Advancement


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“Your laws make law impossible; your liberties destroy all freedom; your property is organized robbery; your morality an impudent hypocrisy; your wisdom is administered by inexperienced or mal-experienced fools; your power wielded by cowards and weaklings; and your honor false in all its points. I am your enemy for good reason, and I will set to right what is your wrong”

Phoenix Lord (NPC)

The structure of Phoenix is broken down into 3 branches. This allows many different members to be put into groups based on their skills. new members are referred to as Phoenix Initiates and earn their Symbol of the Phoenix. though all members of phoenix are not required to forgo their name as they are inducted into the organization, many prefer to, allowing their rank to bring with it fame and infamy. each tier is represented by a Symbol of the Phoenix which separates them. Though one individual can be a part of any tier given he has achieved it and hold rank in each

1st tier



2nd tier



3rd tier



Each leader of the the 3 tiers (Seer, Marshal, Elite) make up what is called the Phoenix Council and maintain constant contact with each other and those of the other cells. They are also responsible for the members within their ranking. Each branch hold their own power and expertise.

All members must pass a trial to achieve the next rank; however each ranks trial is fixed. 1st tier must show unwaivering bravery and loyalty, 2nd tier must show unyielding wisdom and cunning. 3rd tier must show mastery of himself and his surroundings. Each of these trials must be grander and more epic than the last, and all trials are voted upon and approved by the Phoenix Council. This shows that a member of phoenix sets his own standards for ranking and advancement and is governed and respected by his deeds and by his peers

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Phoenix Organization Structure and Advancement

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