People Republic of MWangi

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Noteworthy People

  • Lord Cyler Klyne
  • General Ramona Wolf
  • Location/Landscape

    Southern continent in the inner sea


    The M’Wangi people believe in piece and harmony. It is a nation of tribes that band together under one banner when the time is needed. Their is no capital as the M’Wangi people see thier strongest tribe as the center of the nation. This does not mean they are underdeveloped as each tribe builds lavish tent like structures held together with fabric and wood. Their superior riding skills and larger mounts have maintained the balance for power between them and The Empire of Kelesh preferring to simply defend their border then attack M’Wangi people rarely leave thier lands.


    M’Wangi generates its economy from the breeding of superior animals from dogs to ax beaks.

    Alliences/At War

    M’Wangi is constantly at war with The Empire of Kelesh


    created mostly of horse tribes and riders. The M’Wangi people see animals and nature as pussy of life harmony rather than a hinderenve. Most of the people are taught to ride and bread lager versions of animals

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    People Republic of MWangi

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