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Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu


Eastern Most Continent Oriental Roots


A country at war, is how Okaiyo has been described for centuries. One man through grit power charisma and unyielding vision has pulled his nation together. Content Not Found: shogun-1_ subdued all the other houses that maid up the previous four provinces. Okaiyo had no standing army only hidden villages that acted to preserve their own shogun. _Content Not Found: shogun-1 created one nation of Okaiyo unified even if fir only one generation under one banner


Content Not Found: shogun-1 taxes the nobleman, but most work is fine free by the many masses. The leading innovators of gun powder they posses more advanced firearms and are set the forefront of inovation

Alliences/At War

At war with itself to maintain peace


Very strong cultural heritage drives the common people to improve thirty country through hard work. Each and every individual regardless of house or name takes pride in being from Okaiyo.

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