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General Rules:

  • Dying is going to be an unavoidable outcome of adventuring. Not all things will be tailored to the player group; Dying in this campaign will result in a 5,000 exp loss with a cumulative 2,500 point penalty. I.E. first death 5,000 second 7,500 third 10,000

  • You must have an alignment and stick to it. Penalties ranging from exp loss to in game consequences will be laid out for not following what you have built

  • Spell Component Pouches will not be needed or tracked but a +1 bonus to attack and damage will be applied if the caster posses the appropriate components

  • Encumbrance will be tracked however money does not have weight

  • Players will receive 500 gold per game session for having the following:
    • created a character on the character page complete with up to date character stats and bio explaining thirty background

    • journal entries depicting your point of view of the previous game session

  • Rules whoring WILL NOT be allowed to bog down, derail, or otherwise slow down the game, we do not go back once a decision is made. However all decisions can be reviewed at a later time. There is a time for everything and will be applied to future encounters

  • Certain roles will be made by the gm and Difficulty Classes will not be divulged to the player group. However all encounter “roles” will be made by the player group

  • The Fight system will be dynamic and all Character actions will have to be described; just rolling and saying you attack will be discouraged with negatives, laziness will be met with drawbacks. Epic actions will be met with epic reward

  • There is a such thing as too broken or too stream lined. Though All things have a counter forcing the gm to cater a game sound that one op character is not fun for you or me.

    • Punching everything in the face is not the answer to all problems

    • Neither is avoiding conflict through skill

    • Though all things have a place and find their niche
  • All characters who show an understanding of the mechanics, the back story, as well as quotes of Content Not Found: phoenix-orginization will gain benefits
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General Rules

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