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As a result of the weapon used by the empire of kelesh, the former continent of Azlant was reduced to ashes and assumed uninhabitable. Many generations later, the powerful mages under the Phoenix Lord, resurrected the islands seeing this as an opportunity to seize a foothold in this world. The Phoenix Lord deemed the destruction on such a large scale, a tip in the natural balance of nature. Thus The Phoenix Organization was created to maintain the balance and with it Rinescere. Literally meaning rebirth, this new network of islands rose from the ashes of Azlant. The mages managed to recreate Azlant’s entire ecosystem, though the many souls lost in the use of the great weapon will be forever displaced. The Phoenix Lord with his vast power, money, and wisdom cloaked the island in defenses. He knew that if Rinescere’s existence became known, there would be a great shift in power. The Island chain now sits neutral, undiscovered, and free from outside influence.

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    The Phoenix Organization

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