The Global Threat Kelesh

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General Dominick Mordin Third of His Name, stands on the bridge of his imperial Ship.


Regal and dark is his appearance, never a single flaw in his armor, a single weakness in his total control. Except when it comes to one man. This man seems to strike true with every blow, finding the chink in his armor as if he where wearing none. General Mordin’s dark rough voice crashes against the ears of the crew.

Hail Lord Zaros, we have news he will need to hear.

The general shows his obvious distaste at the prospect of having to report to this, Zaros. Neither of the two men care much for each other, seeking at every turn to destroy the other. Yet the general is left with no other choice. He has been placed in charge of this quadrant, and commanded by the emperor himself to report to The “childish” Lord.

The mirror flashes to life. On its face Lord Whitmore Zaros sits waiting.

Lord Whitmore Zaros, our spies have detected the possible location of Rinescere.

Lord Whitmore Zaros sits leisurely on his throne. The only man in the empire whose appearance demands the same respect as The general. in spite of his obvious royal appearance, playful indifference shines through his facade like sun through cracks in a wall.


Is that ALL general. Rinescere is a myth, a wild goose chase. We have been searching for the origins of the phoenix lord since your name sake incurred his wrath. Surely, you don’t mean we should spare resources to fuel your foolish endeavor. The Empire can suffer no interruptions in this, our hour of triumph.

The Generals anger is noticeable. His fists clench, the air around him begins to distort as if escaping from a great heat

My forces are surveying the area as we speak. SURELY, you are not asking of me to give up on my father’s ambition, and his father’s before him!

For a moment his anger threatening to spill over, ruining the flawless facade the general puts on.

NO MATTER, I will report as soon as we have concluded the search.

Lord Zaros smiles knowing full well that his words have hit home as they always do.

You will do well to contact me with more information. And general.

Lord Whitmore Zaros leans forward in his chair. a sinister smirk graces his face. Smugly he says.

The multitude of you inadequacies are solidifying the emperor’s thoughts on how expendable you are. I suggest you move quickly.

The mirrors image goes blank, The General sees a familiar reflection, His fathers reflection, his father’s father’s reflection.

Pompous, self-indulgent, pet. How dare he presume to.

The generals voice trails of as he remembers himself, remembers his position.

No matter, continue with the search. I want this done soon. I want to report favorably. We are close, so very close. Phoenix must be destroyed if we are to fulfill our true destiny.

A cloaked figure steps to the generals side. his voice deep and sinister yet soothing.

Talking about lord Zaros in that way is not wise. But your death is your matter, however foolishly you choose to go. The empire does not yet know the intentions of Phoenix. They could prove to be a valuable asset. With the right amount of manipulation.

The general turns and walks back to his captains chair his presence calming but his voice betrays his appearance.

As long as I control this fleet and have the protection of the emperor. The power of the empire is without equal. What can phoenix do against such might?! Have you forgotten the Oath!

Seizing on the crack in the generals armor

Then why general do you fear them so? Is it just your oath?

The two stare out onto the ocean the vast armada spreading out like a spider web

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The Global Threat Kelesh

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