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“Balance, equality, perfection, all wonderful and fanciful illusions. But, is it not your right to strive for such heights? Is it not your obligation to reach for such unfathomable goals? Is it not your responsibility to create from nothing to make reality that which lies only in the realm of the mind?”

Phoenix Lord


This vast planet is broken down into 5 major factions, or ruling governments. The Peoples Republic of MWangi; a collective of highly skilled tribes men and their large mounts. The Empire of Kelesh; an empire enthralled by war. Okaiyo; a highly spiritual eastern country. The Sarusian Outback; the haven for adventurers and dragons alike. Cheliaxia; subjugated by The Empire of Kelesh, its wealth and resources feeding their rulers. These factions are in some form of war with each other, whether it be economic or physical. As vast ships are not common in this world, there are places that have not yet been discovered. Others, simply have been forgotten. The people of the world live primarily in the system that developed during the “medieval times”. Pirates, bandits, people who would rather steal and kill to eat than work, run rapid in this time. the common people group together in small villages, growing crops on their own strips of land called smallholdings. The majority of people are farmers working the land. Adventurers, or rather those with the courage to adventure, are scarce.

Common Living:

Most people drink ale or beer instead of water, as water is generally not safe to drink. Monasteries with high ranking clerics are the only true source of clean water. This is the main source for their power and growing wealth. Ale would be brewed in several different strengths. The weakest of these brews is called “small ale” or “small beer,”and brewed by the common folk. “Middle Ale” was brewed for taverns and sold to those who could afford it. High quality or “High Ale,” was brewed for the nobility and includes wines. Towns are fairly small. Though they are full of tradesmen and craftsmen of all kinds. All towns contain a tavern of some sort, this is where the towns folk gather to drink and gossip. Houses were generally made of wood, and most people in these days do not have indoor plumbing, water would generally be fetched from a well. The royalty and monasteries sometimes had indoor plumbing.

Arms and Armament and Magic:

The weapons of this time were adaptations, improvements of the weapons used during the medieval times. Magic as will as skilled fighters, are common among adventurers, though gun powder was scarce. In spite of that, some very dedicated and ingenious people used firearms. Such weapons are seen by the people as very expensive and mystical, whether they truly where or not. Eastern weapons are very hard to come by, but are more commonplace than firearms.

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