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“Death is not the end, nor is birth the beginning, existence is universal ever changing ever altering itself to optimize to its reality, its perception.”

Phoenix Lord

A wooden door lies before you, it is simple in every way, ordinary in every sense, but that isn’t what stands out. The voice in your head alone occupies your thoughts. It is calm and peaceful, trustworthy and warm, the voice of a loving parent.

I can only lead you to the path, the rest is up to you. But know this, what you are about to see is the truth. However, you are the one who chooses what tint glasses you wear.

The door opens before you. The room is surprisingly well lit to be devoid of any noticeable light source. Your legs carry you inside as if pulled by their own will. Each wall is lined from floor to ceiling with shelves covered with countless books. An immediate pressure envelops you, the air here is weighted with intense concentration.

Two people are seated in ornate chairs facing each other, between them, a crystal game board. Each piece seems to be changing from black to white, and with every transformation their shapes change as well. You recognize some of the forms; go, chess, now checkers, and many others you can’t make out. With each transformation what stands out is the brilliance with which each piece shines. As if your mind was being read, you hear a voice in response to your growing question. “What is this place?”. The voice that answers is different than the one before. It is rough and deep, The voice of a man with great experience that commands respect, though the two have one distinct similarity; you hear it only in your mind.

This place… is the place of consciousness, for consciousness. It is interesting you see this as a place of knowledge, a library… how limiting, but useful.

The many books and shelves begin to fade, the room silently stretching and pulling itself apart to reveal the truth. What looked like a library now opens up to a void. Countless beautiful stars fill the sky, the floor, and everywhere you set your eyes. Each star its own unique color, flickering and shining as to the rhythm of their own heartbeat. Suddenly there is nothingness. You are left with your hosts.

One of the two looks up and acknowledges you. She is beautiful, her features soft, her stark white hair a striking contrast against her dark grey skin. She almost makes you forget about your surroundings and your legs draw you even closer. She speaks to you, her voice matching her appearance flawlessly.


Do come, have a seat.

She motions to her side, extending a hand in gesture to the seat you are already beside. She notices your bewilderment and skepticism at the sudden appearance of the chair, and shrugs.

Or stand … make yourself comfortable however you like.

She motions to her counterpart who chooses not to acknowledge you, instead he stares at the board as he has from the start. The weight in the air is solely from this mans presence.

I pray you forgive my friends rudeness. We have been at this game for quite some time, he will suffer no interruption. As if it would help his odds.

She smiles, blatantly goading her partner.

Where are my manners? Allow me to introduce the two if us. For now you may refer to me as the advocate, and this … well … you may call him devil. We do so love our roles.

You see in her face mischief. The “devil” looks up meeting your gaze for the first time. His expression stern, carrying with it one message; now is the time to listen, not to speak!


She motions to you grabbing your attention.

Welcome to your rebirth. I can see by your face you don’t like our game. No matter. I am sure in time you will come to understand. Our true names … well they are of no consequence. We are what is left of what was many, I guess you would call guides, we will instruct you along your path. Secrecy has its advantages. In your words, knowledge is power.

She pauses noticing your growing interest in her counterpart, as he has still said nothing.

Your curiosity is warranted, but I urge you look not to my friend for this same hospitality, he is a bit … antisocial. Until…

You hear the word and can’t help but feel a moment of foreboding. A grim foreshadowing of whats to come. Before you can react the question escapes your mouth, as if pulled from you by invisible hands.


She looks directly at you. Her gaze is beautifully unsettling as her words pour into your ear, you recognize the familiar tone of a warning.

Until he is not.

The phrase ominous and rings in your head. everything begins to fade as did the library. the void slowly swallows everything.

“You are tasked only with the hope that you will not simple exist. That even though there is no genesis and no omega, you choose to live reborn in this existence, this world, this realm, this campaign. That you encompass and embody Phoenix. See, feel, domuch more than simply exist!”

Phoenix Lord

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