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“To escape anarchy and chaos we crave organization, which is a form of control, control is a form of order, order is a form of oppression, oppression is a form of tyranny. I ask you, in knowing this, in believing this, where does freedom begin and end? Where is their room for true peace?”

Phoenix Lord

This campaign is set in the Pathfinder Role Playing System. There are two primary factions doing battle; “The Phoenix Organization” and “The Fallen”. Our heroes/villains or some variation of either, are set as the new recruits of The Phoenix Organization. Each member has their own motivations, back story, and purpose for forgoing a life less filled with adventure. These many stories will shape the world. The players will have the chance to control there own “destiny’s”, their own “lives”. They will be put through the crucible of trials, maid to error, to win, to fail, to succeed, and to fall. Now, which of these they see more is a choice of their own. The lines between good and evil will be blurred as they seek to fulfill whatever desires they have. This world like all others is living, breathing, and changing. What will these many lives do with the gift of existence, the gift that is their creation?

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