Silence is Golden

Tale #3 of 5

At last, I can bloody well talk! There’s no torture worse than literally not being able to hear yourself think.

I’ve heard nothing since we’ve been on the Abyssal Plane. That foul demon Bazuzzu what cast us here placed a silence spell on me after I cursed the day he congealed. I guess a dwarf can hurt a demon’s feelings…

Didnt even know devilspawn had feelings…

So there we are on the Abyssal plane, a Dwarf, a Dhampear, a half Elf, and a half Demon. I hate that half Demon. His power is more of a liability than an asset 3/4 of the time. This place is his home. I’m contemplating making his stay here permanent. We met a fool who couldnt tell us which way to go on a fork in the road. Then we met a dire lion. Freaking dire lion was awesome. He was awesome to me. Hostile to everyone else, and nearly murderous to the demon, but awesome to me. The dire lion explained to us that the half demon’s devilspawn of a mother is releasing her kind into our world. My world.

This will not stand. I swear on Seddrinth, my confederates and I will take this demon bitch down. I may not be able to speak, but my war cry will be heard all the way to the halls of my ancestors. I will make this right.



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