More Than a Single Sword Can Fix

A battle field! I haven’t been a part of one in ages!! Blood is spraying everywhere. The old me would revel in its crimson beauty, partaking in a neck or two. Sweet nectar, as my sword Kincaid would say.

Our betrayal was going quite well until the ones we thought we were using turned it on us.

They used us!! us!!! And to summon a demon…. of All things!!! I guess its not all that bad……seems I am teamed up with a demon….or a demon’s welp really..and we did manage to complete our task at any rate. But what to do about this demon?
Well, we cant have it running around up here causing chaos and such now can we……or rather…. flying i should say.

Two armies at each other’s throats, Demon summoning wizards, and a Demon lord of flight……..
I wonder how we , An atheist cleric, a half demon sorcerer, a smooth talking bard, and my Kincaid will fair….

En Garde!!



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