Artellius Log 4-5

We finally finish the hideous, apparently foolish quadruped creature. Afterwards we rest and converse with our leonine friend. With much trepidation I finally ask him what he knows of me, and what he told frankly sounds kind of ridiculous, and yet I can’t find it within me to laugh. I also seem to remember not being an easy man to lie to, and yet his words did not ring false. Perhaps when we are done with this demonic foolishness I’ll have more time to dwell on exactly what he has told me.

We finally arrive at the tower, the vampire decides to sneak ahead and procure a key to the front gate, with the blessing of our obviously confused demon friend’s invisibility spell. Better his than mine I say. After botching it seemingly I take matters into my own hands. I conjure an image of our lion friend, and while I could not reproduce his sinister canter I figured the roar that nearly matched that of an ancient dragon would suffice for the stooges that was apparently the first line of defense. All but one seemingly in charge scatter, which ironically makes him the least intelligent of his peers if he actually believes my simple illusion to be real. He too is disposed with and we make our way into the tower. In the first room we encounter an annoying group of imp like creatures. They too are dealt with soon enough. Something tells me this won’t be an enjoyable ascension.



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