Artellius: Log 3

I suppose all things considered we aren’t doing altogether badly. The demon erects an orb of darkness and an area of silence. He is truly an insidious creature, incapacitating me the first few moments of the fight, and robbing me of something I’m not altogether sure will be returned. We must end this soon, and yet the creature’s strength seems as bottomless as the pit he erupted from. I curse my awful memory as I rush to the aid of our dhampear friend, forgetting the soothing waves that heal us are quite painful to beings such as himself. Before things could get worse a being with fiery wings appears and grapples the fel beast. He opens a dimensional doorway and instructs us to destroy the source that keeps the portal open. An odd time for a quest, but no time to complain nonetheless. He lets us know that he can only keep the beast busy for a week. A week! If he can not destroy the beast what chance did we ever have? Or perhaps this is just an exstension of our quest.

We all head into the portal and it seems to lead us into some random plane of hell.Oddly enough for a part time historian and scholar I really can’t be bothered with the details sometimes. We are given a magical bag with a riddle attached, I really can’t be bothered with it. We manage to get dinner out of it before almost using all of it’s contents. After eating we realize we have no idea where to go. Together with the practical skills of the daywalker I scrounge up enough information on this particular plane to figure out that the item we seek is located in a tower, to the west. On the way there we come to a fork in the road, we encounter a silent, not unlikable demon fellow sitting below a sign we can’t begin to decipher. I again ponder the purpose of our resident demon spawn on our quest. Perhaps he too is another obstacle put here by our benevolent lord. In that case he will be dealt with shortly. After managing some absurdly simple level of communication he tells us that demon wenches seem to lie in one direction, and he wasn’t sure of what was in the other direction. Our path seems obvious. A few more moments of debate still continues regardless.

Going along the path we witness a fascinating scene. Scores of these demonic beast assaulting what seems to be a large demonic lion. The ease at which he disposes of them is frightening. After catching up with the halfpire we decide to assist the beast, more so to show our lack of aggression than to help it in anyway. The lion does not take well to our halfdead friend, and it takes a quick tongue and more graveling than I’m used to convince him that we wouldn’t be better off dead.

After I introduce myself the beast offhandedly mentions that he has heard of me, and I think I get excited for the first time since waking up on that shore. My thoughts regarding the beast change drastically. We will do what we must to use thing to our ends, and he will tell us what I need to know. Or he and his indomitable pride will fall before our wayward band.

He has a talk with the demon about his lineage and decides to put us to another blasted test. We are to assault the poor fellow who helped us get here. After arriving and witnessing his dreadful transformation I start to regret my previous notion, just a little though…



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