Artellius: Log 1

It Seems I’ve been grouped with a fascinating assortment of individuals, I look forward to seeing how our drastically different motives will lead us, and then perhaps finding out out my own. We start off being tested, fascinating how I can’t remember much and yet have no problem summoning up my great dislike of being tested. How ironic one can be weary of things you don’t recall experiencing before. I let the others try their hand at this riddle, I haven’t the interest for it.

After failing fantastically I realize we were lucky to make it through this alive. I make a personal note to pay attention to the going ons of our little group, noting their habits. Like it or not they seem to have been placed to help pave the road to my goal, however depressing the notion.

We finally receive our mission, an assassination. Wonderful, I’ll just bore the iron clad general into a deep slumber and pray she doesn’t wake. Yes, these “people” I’ve been placed with will be needed, if only to draw arrow fire and the myriad of sharp things we are sure to find on our mission. With a bit of luck, a dash of my suprisingly complete knowledge of our enemies and suprisingly usefulness of our team tracker we find a small group of Kaleshian mercenaries, it was almost too good to be true. We took their proof of purchase, as it were, and their uniforms. One even fit the dwarf. Oh the luck indeed! One must wonder if our dear pheonix lord had anything to do with this. Surely not, despite our obvious need of his resources, surely our particular group of vagabonds are beneath his notice.

We make our way to the (Africans) war camp, and get ready to get in character. I suddenly fear my survival will be based on our groups ability to deceive the warriors and this leader of theirs. I go over a few Kaleshian factoids and breathe a sigh of relief when I realize that not seeming confident enough will be an issue for this group, they all seem to think pretty highly of themselves. Nothing wrong with that, I seem to have a pretty high opinion of myself as well, for some reason or another. Still, we could all stand to let a little more wisdom into our decisions, especially the demon….



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