Artellius Log 4-5

We finally finish the hideous, apparently foolish quadruped creature. Afterwards we rest and converse with our leonine friend. With much trepidation I finally ask him what he knows of me, and what he told frankly sounds kind of ridiculous, and yet I can’t find it within me to laugh. I also seem to remember not being an easy man to lie to, and yet his words did not ring false. Perhaps when we are done with this demonic foolishness I’ll have more time to dwell on exactly what he has told me.

We finally arrive at the tower, the vampire decides to sneak ahead and procure a key to the front gate, with the blessing of our obviously confused demon friend’s invisibility spell. Better his than mine I say. After botching it seemingly I take matters into my own hands. I conjure an image of our lion friend, and while I could not reproduce his sinister canter I figured the roar that nearly matched that of an ancient dragon would suffice for the stooges that was apparently the first line of defense. All but one seemingly in charge scatter, which ironically makes him the least intelligent of his peers if he actually believes my simple illusion to be real. He too is disposed with and we make our way into the tower. In the first room we encounter an annoying group of imp like creatures. They too are dealt with soon enough. Something tells me this won’t be an enjoyable ascension.

shadow of dought

in these past days thing have been kind of interesting i would say everything i asked for is coming to vision so know comes to the point were allies and family could clash but it hard to believe that my blood is filled with this nature to understand demons but i feel like this is what im destined to do this rage the anger this is demon blood that flows though me with this must i defeat the one who saved me from hell or should i slay everyone and everything in hell for dishonoring and abolish from hell my mother to raise me in the human world for i am a half blood choices kill mom or destroy hell ill let fate guild my path and i will become strong with magic and fight for what i want but how ill stick with the phonix to understand more for what i have to do

Silence is Golden
Tale #3 of 5

At last, I can bloody well talk! There’s no torture worse than literally not being able to hear yourself think.

I’ve heard nothing since we’ve been on the Abyssal Plane. That foul demon Bazuzzu what cast us here placed a silence spell on me after I cursed the day he congealed. I guess a dwarf can hurt a demon’s feelings…

Didnt even know devilspawn had feelings…

So there we are on the Abyssal plane, a Dwarf, a Dhampear, a half Elf, and a half Demon. I hate that half Demon. His power is more of a liability than an asset 3/4 of the time. This place is his home. I’m contemplating making his stay here permanent. We met a fool who couldnt tell us which way to go on a fork in the road. Then we met a dire lion. Freaking dire lion was awesome. He was awesome to me. Hostile to everyone else, and nearly murderous to the demon, but awesome to me. The dire lion explained to us that the half demon’s devilspawn of a mother is releasing her kind into our world. My world.

This will not stand. I swear on Seddrinth, my confederates and I will take this demon bitch down. I may not be able to speak, but my war cry will be heard all the way to the halls of my ancestors. I will make this right.

More Than a Single Sword Can Fix

A battle field! I haven’t been a part of one in ages!! Blood is spraying everywhere. The old me would revel in its crimson beauty, partaking in a neck or two. Sweet nectar, as my sword Kincaid would say.

Our betrayal was going quite well until the ones we thought we were using turned it on us.

They used us!! us!!! And to summon a demon…. of All things!!! I guess its not all that bad……seems I am teamed up with a demon….or a demon’s welp really..and we did manage to complete our task at any rate. But what to do about this demon?
Well, we cant have it running around up here causing chaos and such now can we……or rather…. flying i should say.

Two armies at each other’s throats, Demon summoning wizards, and a Demon lord of flight……..
I wonder how we , An atheist cleric, a half demon sorcerer, a smooth talking bard, and my Kincaid will fair….

En Garde!!

Artellius: Log 3

I suppose all things considered we aren’t doing altogether badly. The demon erects an orb of darkness and an area of silence. He is truly an insidious creature, incapacitating me the first few moments of the fight, and robbing me of something I’m not altogether sure will be returned. We must end this soon, and yet the creature’s strength seems as bottomless as the pit he erupted from. I curse my awful memory as I rush to the aid of our dhampear friend, forgetting the soothing waves that heal us are quite painful to beings such as himself. Before things could get worse a being with fiery wings appears and grapples the fel beast. He opens a dimensional doorway and instructs us to destroy the source that keeps the portal open. An odd time for a quest, but no time to complain nonetheless. He lets us know that he can only keep the beast busy for a week. A week! If he can not destroy the beast what chance did we ever have? Or perhaps this is just an exstension of our quest.

We all head into the portal and it seems to lead us into some random plane of hell.Oddly enough for a part time historian and scholar I really can’t be bothered with the details sometimes. We are given a magical bag with a riddle attached, I really can’t be bothered with it. We manage to get dinner out of it before almost using all of it’s contents. After eating we realize we have no idea where to go. Together with the practical skills of the daywalker I scrounge up enough information on this particular plane to figure out that the item we seek is located in a tower, to the west. On the way there we come to a fork in the road, we encounter a silent, not unlikable demon fellow sitting below a sign we can’t begin to decipher. I again ponder the purpose of our resident demon spawn on our quest. Perhaps he too is another obstacle put here by our benevolent lord. In that case he will be dealt with shortly. After managing some absurdly simple level of communication he tells us that demon wenches seem to lie in one direction, and he wasn’t sure of what was in the other direction. Our path seems obvious. A few more moments of debate still continues regardless.

Going along the path we witness a fascinating scene. Scores of these demonic beast assaulting what seems to be a large demonic lion. The ease at which he disposes of them is frightening. After catching up with the halfpire we decide to assist the beast, more so to show our lack of aggression than to help it in anyway. The lion does not take well to our halfdead friend, and it takes a quick tongue and more graveling than I’m used to convince him that we wouldn’t be better off dead.

After I introduce myself the beast offhandedly mentions that he has heard of me, and I think I get excited for the first time since waking up on that shore. My thoughts regarding the beast change drastically. We will do what we must to use thing to our ends, and he will tell us what I need to know. Or he and his indomitable pride will fall before our wayward band.

He has a talk with the demon about his lineage and decides to put us to another blasted test. We are to assault the poor fellow who helped us get here. After arriving and witnessing his dreadful transformation I start to regret my previous notion, just a little though…

The Day I Began to Change

locked in this dark room with some strange ppl. I only knew that im here to have questions answered. I just wanted to know more about the daemons who attacked my village.

This mission is to invad an army and to destroy there leader. Wut a mission and I have to do this with ppl i dont know. i cant understand this, but if its to get answers then i must do what it may to get them.

b4 that we had to choose a door and that was weird. It’s riddle a confusing one. but we made it though. Now on to invading this army. This should be a very interesting mission

Artellius: Log 1

It Seems I’ve been grouped with a fascinating assortment of individuals, I look forward to seeing how our drastically different motives will lead us, and then perhaps finding out out my own. We start off being tested, fascinating how I can’t remember much and yet have no problem summoning up my great dislike of being tested. How ironic one can be weary of things you don’t recall experiencing before. I let the others try their hand at this riddle, I haven’t the interest for it.

After failing fantastically I realize we were lucky to make it through this alive. I make a personal note to pay attention to the going ons of our little group, noting their habits. Like it or not they seem to have been placed to help pave the road to my goal, however depressing the notion.

We finally receive our mission, an assassination. Wonderful, I’ll just bore the iron clad general into a deep slumber and pray she doesn’t wake. Yes, these “people” I’ve been placed with will be needed, if only to draw arrow fire and the myriad of sharp things we are sure to find on our mission. With a bit of luck, a dash of my suprisingly complete knowledge of our enemies and suprisingly usefulness of our team tracker we find a small group of Kaleshian mercenaries, it was almost too good to be true. We took their proof of purchase, as it were, and their uniforms. One even fit the dwarf. Oh the luck indeed! One must wonder if our dear pheonix lord had anything to do with this. Surely not, despite our obvious need of his resources, surely our particular group of vagabonds are beneath his notice.

We make our way to the (Africans) war camp, and get ready to get in character. I suddenly fear my survival will be based on our groups ability to deceive the warriors and this leader of theirs. I go over a few Kaleshian factoids and breathe a sigh of relief when I realize that not seeming confident enough will be an issue for this group, they all seem to think pretty highly of themselves. Nothing wrong with that, I seem to have a pretty high opinion of myself as well, for some reason or another. Still, we could all stand to let a little more wisdom into our decisions, especially the demon….

Artellius: Log 2

With more luck and a few theactrics we convince the (Africans) of who we are. After making it into the camp and gathering information I suddenly reconsider our chances of success. The warriors were suprisingly well trained and their love and respect for their leader was awe inspiring. A group trained specifically to infiltrate an enemy camp would still be hard pressed to assassinate this particular woman, much less our group. No, she will die on the battlefield, as I’m sure she intends. I will just have rush this event along much sooner than she realizes. We meet her personal guard the find out how they communicate and my suspicions are only strengthened. We need to use the opposing army, perhaps in a more direct role than initially though. We had split up to gather more information, but me and the rogue come across a smll child and an obviously enchanted dog like creature. The child’s face was almost familiar, yet I push the thought away. This child couldn’t possibly have been around from back then, and yet stranger things have happened. Nonetheless, we have a job to accomplish, and it will take my best performance.

As I thought no oppurtunities present themselves before the eve of battle, and so we march to the battlegrounds alongside our target. I almost feel bad, our presence almost assures her victory, but she will know nothing of fighting along side Kaleshians. Real or otherwise.

The plan is for us to sneak through the back, I quickly decide that diplomacy is our best option. After making it through arrow fire we earn ourselves an audience with the enemy general. Silver my tongue may be, but I’ve always believed honesty to be the best policy, and we both had much to gain this day. It would seem I would have to reconsider my virtues, for we end up in a cell. I understand general mistrust under the situation, however something else was at hand here. We were being used! Why didn’t I foresee this. The demon almost gets use slaughtered before stepping foot on the battlefield. Hes a wildcard, and I’m not sure on the Pheonix lords policy on removing obstacles that happen to be “allies”, but I start consider the option.

We end up spearheading the assault force, and I begin to consider myself a complete failure, and yet not is all lost. Though small in number the strength of this group is considerable, I must simply nudge them in the right direction. In this particular case, toward the enemy.

We spring a trap and the (Africans) stampede into the slaughter, our deceit finally coming to light, far too late for anything to be done about it. I position myself in a place where I can support the greatest number of soldiers, and it feels good to encourage this many people at once again, even if to their last moments. I start to sense something ancient and evil behind me, where our temporary allies were supposed to be. I see markings on the ground that look like they are meant to bring something from another plane, but how that would help the war effort I couldn’t imagine. Devils and demons are selfish first and foremost, and consider themselves above menial things like the wars of mortals. Events unfold as if in slow motion and I start to recount my sins committed since this journey has begun. We have done something awful, and likely irreversible, and have doomed thousands to die more than likely. And yet I hold strong to my conviction, we came for a purpose, and good to be done was far from it. I get the feeling many more will perish because of our actions, and steel myself for what happens next.

We finally kill the enemy commander, and are left on the battlefield with the demon and his host. I’m incredibly ill at ease, and a voice I couldn’t quite quiet commands me to run. The obvious futility of such an action keeps me on the battlefield. If we survive the day, it wont be for how fast we can escape. We just fought a war, and yet as the demon explodes from the portal into our midst, I feel the battle has just begun.


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